features versions


membership €9
per month/user
32GB tool

membership €35
per month/user
64GB tool

multiEngine@easyGoing USB tool with NAVIGATOR, mobile apps for MAC, Windows, Linux, file system, P2P-messenger and syncTool for OSX, iOS, Windows, Linux, your own cloud

only web-based

2meet communication - wire (multi-messenger), VideoChat. All web-based, TOX P2P messenger

Calendars (easyGoing event, whiteRoom event, Memotoo online, Google, iCal)

People, PutOut. (internal networks for members and companies). facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, tumlr, viemo, and more

m@e office suite

m@e navigators

forum 4 groups - discussion and feedback

iCreativ LAB (usp)

collaboration tools for internal und global cooperations

weather page Pro

news + media (usp

offer – the tool for members who have something to offer


support per email (basic) and online (pro+business)

m@e survey/query - your polling tool for dates, queries, and ideas

putOut publishing tools (basic restricted service)(usp)

VPN server for you

product training, web-based and with admin help

pflogCloud (your own cloud) 10GB Pro and 20GB Business

archiving of all files on the m@e tool and on all of your devices. On demand, together with an automatical P2P synchronisation (usp)

iNet-tasksPro task management (this allows you to automatically transform any email, document, or file into tasks through a secret email from any system anywhere – single (pro) and groups (business)(usp)

Sync P2P synchronisation from anywhere on any device without having to use a server such as Drobbox

picticMail (end-2-end encryption)

mrbsShare - share tool for rooms und other things (usp)

automated workflow on all systems from anywhere, for individuals and groups (usp)

secret e-mail address 4 iNet-tasksPro

your cloud with blockchain technology, absolutely safe, absolutely anonymous, unforgeable

personalised website (business) (usp)

MIA - your task assistent (usp)

iNet project (professional project management through KANBAN and Gantt diagram (usp )

your personal server space 500GB - 1TB for business

Features may change in the final version (usp = unique selling point)